What is Infrastructure Management?

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What is Infrastructure Management?

Written by Scott Hall on . Posted in Infrastructure Management

infrastructure management

Just as we must care for our physical world, we must care for our technological one. But, what is infrastructure management, especially when applied to business?

For all businesses, technology is an important part of its integrity.  You probably rely on the internet almost exclusively for all of your communication, documentation, and production needs.  Now that the world is entirely digital, we need to make sure we’re keeping track of the infrastructure of this electronic world.  Just as we must care for our physical world, we must care for our technological one.  But, what is infrastructure management, especially when applied to business?  Read on to find out.

Bad Rabbit Ransomware

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What Is Bad Rabbit Ransomware?

On Tuesday, Oct. 24, a new strand of ransomware named Bad Rabbit appeared in Russia and the Ukraine and spread throughout the day. It first was found after attacking Russian media outlets and large organizations in the Ukraine. The initial installer masquerades as a Flash update.  Interestingly, this malware contains a list

of hardcoded Windows credentials, most likely to brute force entry into devices on the network.


How Can I Stop Ransomware Like Bad Rabbit?


General recommendations for everybody, regardless of their security vendor, include:

  • Apply all patches to operating systems
  • Protect endpoints with an up-to-date anti-virus solution
  • Ensure firewall and end point firmware is current
  • Implement a network sandbox to discover and mitigate new threats
  • Deploy a next-generation firewall with a gateway security subscription to stop known threats


Are there KRACKs in your Wireless Network Security?

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Are there KRACKs in your Wireless Network Security?

On October 16, 2017, Belgian security researcher made public their findings that demonstrated fundamental design flaws in WPA2 that could lead to man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks on wireless networks.

Named KRACKs, or key reinstallation attacks, this technique can theoretically be used by attackers to steal sensitive information from unsuspecting wireless users leveraging these flaws in the WiFi standard.

More details on these vulnerabilities are available on the researchers’ website at www.krackattacks.com.

What can I do to protect my wireless network?

We do recommend that you take immediate action to minimize the risk presented by these vulnerabilities.  We advise the following:

  • Patch all of your WiFi clients, whether Windows, Linux, Android, iOS or Mac OS based, with the latest KRACK updates from your client vendors. The attack is launched by compromising the wireless device, not the wireless router, so that is the most important area to focus on when you go about patching.
  • Check with your vendor to determine if you need to patch your wireless access points and/or routers. Ideally, your WiFi solution would be centrally managed allowing you to provide updates and patches in a timely fashion without crippling IT resources.
  • Add an additional layer of security by using VPN technology to encrypt all network traffic between your wireless devices and your firewall.
  • Transmit sensitive data only on TLS/SSL-encrypted web pages. Look for the green lock symbol in the address bar along with https in the URL.
  • Be on the lookout for unusual activity inside or outside your facility. In order to launch an attack using these vulnerabilities, an attacker must be physically located within Wi-Fi range of both the access point and the wireless client that is attempting to connect to the network. That means the attacker must be in or near your building, which makes it a bit more difficult to leverage than other Internet-only attacks.
  • One other note: there is no need to change Wi-Fi passwords as the KRACKs do not require the Wi-Fi password to be successful.


Get In Touch With SOS Technology Group Today

SOS can help you extend breach prevention to your wireless network while surveying if your current solution places you at risk.

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Why Data Archival is so Critical

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data archiving

With the constantly shifting technological landscape, it can be hard to keep your business on the cutting edge.

If you are wondering what data archiving is, what it entails, and what it means for your business, SOS technology group can help you learn all of its ins and outs. With the constantly shifting technological landscape, it can be hard to keep your business on the cutting edge, and to be sure that you are using all of the computers, systems, gadgets, and technological options and advancements out there to your business’s best advantage. To learn more about data archiving, read on.

Protecting Computer Equipment from the Elements

Written by Scott Hall on . Posted in Technology

With Hurricane Season upon us it is important to ensure that your computer equipment is protected from the elements.

Here are a few suggestions that can help you stay up and running during a storm and recover your systems after the storms have passed.


Store Data in the Cloud

It is important that all your systems have a Cloud Backup.  On premise solutions such as tapes/external hard drives are susceptible to damage just like your computer equipment so having a redundant cloud backup is key.

Physically Secure your Site

  • Verify that your Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are functional as well as Backup Generators if applicable.
  • Make sure that all your systems have Surge Protectors in place
  • Ensure that any computer equipment is kept off of the floor in the case of flooding
  • If possible shut down your computers and servers if you plan on evacuating your facilities
  • Take photos of your equipment in case you need to file an insurance claim after any storm damage

Configure Remote Access

Reach out to your IT company and inquire about setting up remote access to your systems. These solutions allow you to access most files/data from home in the case that your facility does not open right away. Setting up Cloud based email is a best practice in particular for events such as these.


Need Help With These Steps? SOS Tech Group Is Here to Help

Whether you are looking to perform a technological audit for your company or seeking a new security camera system for your commercial space, SOS Technology Group has the expertise and equipment to keep you talking around the clock. SOS Technology Group is a full-service IT consulting company that provides IT services and solutions for businesses throughout the United States. If you are interested in seeing how we can help your business, contact us online or give us a call at (410) 559-7020. For more technology tips, follows us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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