Computer Virus Warning Signs

Computer Virus Warning Signs

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Computer Virus Warning Signs

Be on the lookout for these warning signs before it is too late!

A computer virus is an absolute nightmare. There is a multitude of viruses that could infect your computer. In order to protect your computer from being fried and losing precious files, precautionary measures like antivirus software always need to be in place. Unfortunately, however, viruses can still sometimes find ways to infiltrate your computer. It is in your best interest to know the warning signs ahead of time, so if you are one of the unlucky ones, you can get it resolved before it is too late. With that said, here are some warning signs you have a virus on your machine.

Everything is Slow

If all of a sudden your computer becomes exceptionally slow, you have a reason for concern. Many viruses operate in your background of your computer and lead your computer to move like a snail. Nowadays, most computers run at fast speeds. If you have to wait several minutes for pages and application to load, you may have a virus on your hands.

Spammy Messages

Spammy messages are one of the most visible warning signs of a computer virus. If you are constantly getting notifications from unknown sources, pop up and error messages, you should have a professional look at your computer. Your computer could very well be infected.

Some Items Don’t Belong

Items should not just magically appear on your computer. If something looks foreign on your computer, it could mean you have a virus. For example, you may notice that all of a sudden you have one or more unknown shortcut files. This is a type of virus that is able to get by some antivirus software. Another example of this is foreign posts to your social media accounts.

Constant Crashes

Your computer should not be crashing on a consistent basis. If it is, you need to face the harsh reality that your computer is likely infected with a virus or malware. If this is happening to you, you need to have your computer looked at immediately. Don’t put it off and risk losing everything.

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