Secure, IP Based Telephony
Systems for Your Business

VoIP technology uses a completely different infrastructure than traditional service. Instead of your phones traveling over the phone company’s network, Internet service connects your local phone Network to the cloud into a virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange). The resulting efficiency is exceptional.

VOIP Systems Benefits

Multiple Locations

VOIP technology allows you to connect different offices into one large phone network. Paging and intercom as well as phone transfers work seamlessly anywhere in the world.  This can give your small business the appearance that you have multiple offices with local area codes in different geographic areas.


Stop being tied to your office phone.  With VOIP you can transfer calls to your mobile phone as well as make calls which will display your main office line on caller ID.


The days of large expensive phone systems have come and gone. VOIP allows you to scale your environment quickly without much upfront cost. Adding a phone or extension is easy and does not require  a large investment.

Unique Solutions for Your Business

SOS Technology Group can deploy a VOIP system that is right for your business quickly and efficiently.  Our expert team will train your people and get you up and running in no time.

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