Protecting Computer Equipment from the Elements

Protecting Computer Equipment from the Elements

Written by Scott Hall on . Posted in Technology

With Hurricane Season upon us it is important to ensure that your computer equipment is protected from the elements.

Here are a few suggestions that can help you stay up and running during a storm and recover your systems after the storms have passed.


Store Data in the Cloud

It is important that all your systems have a Cloud Backup.  On premise solutions such as tapes/external hard drives are susceptible to damage just like your computer equipment so having a redundant cloud backup is key.

Physically Secure your Site

  • Verify that your Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are functional as well as Backup Generators if applicable.
  • Make sure that all your systems have Surge Protectors in place
  • Ensure that any computer equipment is kept off of the floor in the case of flooding
  • If possible shut down your computers and servers if you plan on evacuating your facilities
  • Take photos of your equipment in case you need to file an insurance claim after any storm damage

Configure Remote Access

Reach out to your IT company and inquire about setting up remote access to your systems. These solutions allow you to access most files/data from home in the case that your facility does not open right away. Setting up Cloud based email is a best practice in particular for events such as these.


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