3 Signs It’s Time For Your Business to Switch to VoIP


VoIP is no longer something of the future. It’s become a staple of common business practices, and is necessary if you hope to move forward in your industry.

If your business is notoriously behind the times, it’s probably because you don’t have any updated technology.  VoIP is one piece of tech that has long been considered something new and exciting.  However, it’s 2017–VoIP is no longer something of the future.  It’s become a staple of common business practices, and is necessary if you hope to move forward in your industry.  Do you need to upgrade to VoIP?  The following signs should be able to tell you whether or not it’s time.

Sign 1: Customers Aren’t Happy


When your customers aren’t happy, this is the biggest indication that something is wrong.  However, without VoIP, they can get quite upset.  There are many benefits that VoIP brings–including auto attendants, call recording, and interactive voicemail.  These aspects are critical.  These days, your customers don’t have the patience to wait for you to pick up the phone.  Instead of a busy signal, they can interact with an auto attendant who will automatically direct them to the correct department.  Much better than keeping them on a busy signal!


Sign 2: Zero Mobility


Remote workers, freelancers, or employees working from home need access to their business phone.  With traditional landline systems, they have no way to use their business number to get in touch with customers and clients.  However, VoIP can change that.  VoIP makes it possible for these employees to access their work phone from anywhere.  This also supports multiple locations, with seamless transitions.  Mobility is an important part of moving forward in today’s world, so make sure you’re keeping up with VoIP.


Sign 3: It Costs Too Much


If it’s been awhile since you’ve upgraded your phone system, you might not notice just how much money you’re spending on that system.  Traditional landlines can end up costing you a fortune, between long distance calling and mobile bills.  VoIP cuts down on both of these and more.  And, increasingly, customer happiness is hand-in-hand with whether or not they are instantly cared for.  Therefore, VoIP will save you money through excellent customer service.


Are you ready to make the switch?  SOS Technology Group can help!


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