Are you Untethered from the Office?

We have learned many things during the last 13 months of this pandemic, but one theme that resonates with many is how dependent you are on a physical office. For years it has been the standard: come in at 830, get your coffee, say hi to your coworkers sign into your PC, get lunch, and check out at 5pm. Businesses were challenged over the past year to develop work from home policies, mimic the office environment, all the while trying to keep Company culture intact. Were they successful?

Many studies are showing that business efficiency has gone up tremendously while business culture has suffered from this virtual environment. The concept of checking in at 830am and checking out at 5pm has disappeared mainly because you aren’t crossing those physical boundaries of home and office, they just blur together. So, if this is going to be the current reality, for the immediate future at least, it makes sense to be able to untether from your physical office as much as possible.

By introducing cloud based servers, cloud based email, and cloud based VOIP your team is able to operate from anywhere in the world efficiently. The days of having an internet or phone outage at the office that affects your onsite and remote teams is a thing of the past, and having 99.9% uptime is a reality.

SOS Tech Group is able to assess your current environment and help you transition to this untethered environment. Regardless of your appetite for virtual or in-person operations, keeping your most crucial IT equipment on premise is a risky proposition.

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