Great Reasons to Switch to Fiber Optic Cabling That You Didn’t Expect

fiber optic cables

Switching to fiber optic cabling for your network can be beneficial for many reasons. Among those are speed, safety, and data protection.

Switching to fiber optic cabling for your network can be beneficial for many reasons.  Among those are speed, safety, and data protection.  Fiber optic cables use light to transfer information.  This makes the cables faster, and much safer.  Copper cables run the risk of malfunctioning and catching on fire, whereas fiber optics will never get hot.  Even with all these benefits, many people still don’t see the appeal.  Let us convince you that fiber optic cables are the best way to move forward, with these unexpected reasons.

Better for the Environment


Copper waste is incredibly hard to get rid of in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.  For this reason, fiber optic cables are the best option when it comes to saving the Earth.  Not to mention, because they use light to transmit information, it becomes much more energy efficient than copper cabling.  A fiber optic cable not catching fire is probably one of its greatest assets, because it can be used safely in any facility.  Even if a fiber optic cable were to be cut, it still wouldn’t be dangerous to anyone around it.


Can Easily Withstand Extreme Conditions


Copper cabling installed in the walls or underground is going to come into contact with moisture.  This can leave it vulnerable to corrosion, which will create harmful chemicals that will seep into the ground.  This can also be a huge safety concern.  Fiber optic cables do not have this problem.  They cannot corrode, and will never produce harmful chemicals that could create dangerous situations.


Resistant to Interference


Coaxial cables can be affected heavily by electromagnetic interference, or EMI.  EMI will inevitably slow networks down by interfering with the copper used in traditional cables; it can also cause them to stop working entirely.  The amazing benefits of fiber optic cabling includes the fact that it isn’t affected by any kind of interference.  You’ll have a faster, safer network right away.


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