Signs of Commercial Theft and How to Prevent It

risk of theft

Whenever someone enters your property, there is always a risk of theft.

Commercial theft is one of the biggest problems plaguing businesses throughout the country. Whenever someone enters your property, there is always a risk of theft. If you are concerned about commercial theft at your office building, here are some tips for preventing it from occurring.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Always pay attention when you are in the office. Who belongs in your office? Is there someone there that doesn’t belong? If you see a new face that you don’t recognize, there is nothing wrong with introducing yourself and asking their name. Many burglaries and commercial thefts occur because nobody takes the time to question someone or something that doesn’t belong. If you see something, take the time to say something.

Use Your Storage

In an office where everyone knows each other, it can be easy to leave your purses, bags, and belongings out in plain sight. Even when you know everyone in your office, keep in mind that visitors enter many times throughout the day–and all of them might not have positive intentions. Almost every criminal committing commercial theft is doing so as a result of an opportunity presented. If you remove the opportunity (the cellphone sitting on your desk unattended or the purse left under your desk), you will drastically reduce the likelihood of a commercial theft occurring.

Change Your Design

One of the easiest ways to protect your office from commercial theft is by changing up your office design doing any or all of the following:

  • Use gates, counters or doors to keep employees and clients separate, if needed or appropriate
  • Post signs to show which areas are restricted that say “Private” or “Employees Only”
  • Use an information desk or reception desk to filter who comes into your actual workspace
  • Make sure that staff members are never alone in your building whenever possible, even after hours or before hours


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