Securing the Airwaves: How can the Cloud be better?

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When establishing your IT environment, either on premise or cloud hosted, all organizations should always give serious consideration to the security. But how secure is the cloud? There’s numerous pieces of hardware in a datacenter where your information is travelling through or being stored. How can it be more secure?

When considering the cloud, the main fact is that while some of the methods and tools used to secure a network and data in the cloud are different as a physical server, the basic principles are exactly the same. Also, because the cloud runs in data centers staffed by experts from numerous technology specialties, data stored there is secured by the best people available in the industry today.

Security in the cloud is achieved through the implementation of technologies, infrastructure, and policies like any other network. Those used to secure datacenters, however, are suited to agile, large-scale environments and are certified by independent third-party auditors. Compliance with these audits show that datacenters are using the best tools and equipment available at the enterprise level that SMBs can take advantage of at scale.

Datacenters can be certified to show they are compliant with HIPAA regulations for systems that handle sensitive healthcare information – this is absolutely necessary for HIPAA-compliant cloud storage. When companies handle information like birthdays, addresses, and credit card data, they are also audited for PCI compliance too.  Any datacenter which has been audited and certified according to these standards absolutely proves it has the procedures and technical acumen to provide the best security to protect even the most sensitive business information.

Firewalls are the de-facto security for any network, including cloud hosted networks. A firewall is a hardware or software system which applies screening and rules to all the traffic of a network. Data passing in or out of your Cloud environment is inspected and filtered by the firewall based on a set of configurable rules, blocking dangerous traffic, and allowing the correct data in. This is what provides the network barrier between your systems and other systems in the data center. The rules governing a firewall must be managed closely, to meet changing threats and maintain security, a process best handled by managed service experts.

Businesses of all sizes, including Enterprise and SMB level, have been using the Cloud for years, and among users of every size cloud hosting is only increasing in every industry. Private businesses and governments are moving workloads of varying levels to the cloud, even with increasingly stringent security needs. This change is driven largely by lower costs, and the increased performance, and agility advantages delivered by cloud computing. A benefit central to this confidence is the realization that service providers offer experience and expertise which are far beyond most organizations, particularly those not dedicated to IT services, network security or data management. Committed, professional management is a major part of what makes any environment secure and efficient, cloud or on premise.

An expert managed service provider like SOS Technology Group provides the most benefit to any business, allowing anyone to benefit from the scalability and low cost of the cloud while providing the leading edge security needed today for any compliance needs. Contact us for a no cost assessment today.

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