3 Ways You Can Enhance Your Computer Security

computer security

It’s easy in today’s world to forget about computer security.

Do you constantly have problems with viruses?  Does it seem like you can’t see an end to all the pop-ups, unwanted prompts and laggy programs?  You’re probably not keeping your computer very safe.  It’s easy in today’s world to forget about computer security, because you use it in the comfort of your own home or office.  It gives the illusion of safety.  In reality, there are a lot of nasty viruses out there that exist solely to make your life more difficult.  So, read on to see some simple tips that will help tremendously in the fight against viruses.

  • Don’t use Internet Explorer as your main browser.


No.  I promise it’s not easier to understand.  It’s hard for a lot of people to accept that, considering how long IE has been around, and how it comes pre-downloaded on most computers.  But IE isn’t nearly as secure as a lot of newer browsers, like Chrome or Firefox.  And, Chrome allows you to customize your browser to your liking using extensions.  There are even extensions that can enhance readability on your browser by using interesting techniques that make your brain work faster.  Just give it a shot!


  • Do extensive research before downloading anything at all.


You’ve got about three options when you first get your computer in regards to what you’re allowed to download without research: Chrome, Microsoft Office, and an antivirus program (and even then, you should look for something certified).  If your computer is for office use only, these are generally all you’ll need, anyway, unless your company says otherwise.  With any other download, make sure you do a quick Google search asking about its reliability.  Sometimes, if something is insecure, the first result will warn you away from it.


  • Install a firewall.


If you’re unfamiliar, a firewall is just a security system that runs whatever you come across through a filter before your computer really starts to use it.  Websites, downloads and other daily interactions are run through your factory-installed firewall all the time.  Every Windows computer, for example, has a ready-to-go firewall built-in–they’d never leave you completely unprotected.  But this isn’t always enough, and isn’t built to last.  A sturdy firewall will worker harder and faster than the one Windows gives you.  


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