Modern Access Control Systems

Why Your Business Should Have An Access Control System

Is it time for an update to your access control?


When your business is in a state of growth, operational needs quickly become more complex. This typically shows in the form of new employee additions, which leads to larger office space, more desks and more people to keep track of during the work day. This is the time to invest in a new access control system, one that can scale with your business needs as

If you’re seeing the following 4 signs, it’s time to consider an update to access control.


  1. Your company is experiencing high growth.

You are on the steady track to accelerated growth, and on average you are hiring 3 to 5 employees a month. It’s a positive indicator, but your existing access control system may not be keeping up as fast and efficient as it could be.

Employee onboarding is inefficient and you cannot give your new hires access and keys to the office on their first day because you just don’t have any extra key cards and keys for them. You are waiting for external services, locksmiths and your access system provider to duplicate your keys and key cards and a week later? Your locksmiths or access system provider experience delays in producing new keys and key cards and you still can’t give out individual access rights to your new hires.

Your existing access control system may not be as efficient, and now it’s cutting into worker ramp-up to productivity.


  1. Your company aware of security risks or has experienced criminal activity.

Last week there was a break in and multiple laptops, desktops and other company property was stolen, so who do you blame and how do you prevent it from happening again?

Maybe none of your past employees returned their keys, or you don’t know who has access to which door or who copied whose key. Without clear evidence of forced entry, these are the most likely possibilities.

And even if such evidence is present, bothering past employees to return old keys is not a viable and intuitive solution. But it does indicate that your access control solution is not preventing security risks because you have a lacking overview of your facility’s access rights.

Now is the time to find solutions that can eliminate access much more efficiently and find new ways to keep track of existing access.


  1. Your existing access control system is obsolete.

In a perfect world, your company was one of the first to get a keycard/prox reader system, but a few decades later that same system is still in place. You are regularly seeing problems such as non-working fobs or cards; and in more than one occasion personnel have been locked out because your outdated system stops working. With an outdated access control system, they do their basic functions – letting you in and out of the office and space – but they are not intuitive to meet your company’s growing operational needs.

You want to position your company as a leader of innovation so you may want to consider a switch by adopting a 21st Century access system. The only way to go is to go the modern way. #gokeyless


Is it time?

Well, if you experience any one of these 4 signs, it’s time to consider switching from your old access control system to a current system that would adapt intuitively to your modern needs. Integration has never been easier, and SOS Technology Group is here to help. Consult with us today.

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