Preparing for an Active Shooter

shot detection

Is your facility prepared for an active shooting event?


With the threats that exist in 2018, we owe it to the people in our organizations to ensure we’re doing all we can to protect them should the nightmare scenario of an active shooter in your building.

One of the ways we can leverage technology against gun crime in atypical locations is by revisiting existing surveillance camera and access control systems. Video management platforms and smart card reader systems can now integrate seamlessly, providing a large measure of security to your facility. Here’s how:




Video management solutions like Milestone can receive information from smart access control systems like Isonas to capture & store video every time a door is opened or closed by badging in after, say, your normal business hours, or to certain sensitive areas. In addition to that, alerts via email can be sent to relevant security personnel on or off site, giving another layer of protection. One way to ensure the full functionality of cameras is to assess their physical location at a regular interval, to ensure they haven’t lost focus, have dirty lenses, or are just not aimed at the right area.


Access Control


Visiting the access control system again, the days of relying on people who have had their access revoked to turn in their badges or keys are now over. Real time instant administration of smart access control systems like Isonas means that only people who need to be there are there, and only when they are allowed to be. This can be achieved via web portal, in addition to mobile apps. As with video management systems, they can now alert via email when events occur outside normal operating procedures.


Mass Alerting


You may have seen these on college campuses or large hospital campuses, and if your facility covers a large area, you may want to consider them. It allows anyone with access to a call box to alert everyone campus-wide in the event of a life threatening violent attack.


New Technology


Combating the specific threat of active shooters hasn’t always existed. Now, with indoor gunshot detection systems, law enforcement, emergency medical services, and on-site security can receive verified notification less than a second after a gunshot is detected. These systems integrate with current video management systems, smart access control and mass alerting platforms across the board, unifying security staff and creating organized response plans facility wide.

All of these integration points allow the best use to allow first responders to do what they do best: save lives faster. Putting all four of these platforms together is the best way to ensure that we are doing everything we can to prepare for the unthinkable tragedies that are befalling innocent people around the world.


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