Video Management Software: Unlock your Camera Network’s Full Potential.

Video Management Software: Unlock your Camera Network’s Full Potential.

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Hopefully you’ve selected the correct models for your site based upon your unique security needs. Now your attention turns to their integration into your daily operations. How you utilize your camera video is just as important as the physical specifications of the cameras you’ve installed, and there are many video management solutions to choose from that can fit you. There’s a few critical factors to consider when choosing video management software


Your current number of cameras is a critical piece. Are you planning on expanding your camera network in the future? You want to find a platform that can be scalable while still being cost-effective at every state of your growth. Small networks (1 – 25 cameras), medium networks (25 – 50 cameras) and enterprise networks (50+ cameras) all have great options for management solutions.


How long would you like to archive your video for? This could depend on a number of variables: insurance requirements, state laws depending on your industry, and cooperation with local law enforcement are just a few. The longer you want to store video for, the more storage space you need in the video management server or NVR appliance. If those previous criteria aren’t a factor, you can simply adjust your archive to the storage that you wish to purchase.


Will you need to monitor your site’s cameras during off hours? Or from anywhere you happen to be? Many VMS solutions now include a mobile app on both Apple and Android to view your cameras with a single login anywhere you are. This is especially helpful if you have more than one location to monitor and using a single VMS solution across them all.


Many of the security challenges that require the need of cameras in the first place can be resolved much faster with additional VMS features. One important feature is heatmapping (using analytics and video of human traffic captured by cameras) to determine how many people are entering your facility and which route or locations they use the most. This is especially valuable for retail locations or educational campuses. Another is facial recognition software, which is especially useful for public safety applications. Using 16 points of facial data, and then using a corresponding database, your video management solution can detect and alert you to individuals whom, for any reason, you do not want on your site. This can also be used for license plates on vehicles as well, adding another layer of physical security.

When considering all the above factors, keep in mind your site’s internet connection limits. It may need to be upgraded to allow for the increase of data traffic to and from your network if you decide on a cloud-based VMS, as opposed to an on premise server solution. Keeping these factors in mind will ensure that you’re using your new or existing VMS to its full potential.

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