Is it Possible For Malware to Travel Through Your Router?


More often than not, your entire business functions on just a few routers.  Concern over malware and viruses is completely valid.

If you have a business, you know that malware and viruses can be completely devastating to your digital world.  More often than not, your entire business functions on just a few routers.  Concern over malware and viruses is completely natural and valid.  And it’s understandable that you have serious questions about whether or not your router can house malware, spreading it throughout your business.  Worried you may be at risk?  Read on to learn more about how malware can affect your router.

What is the Likelihood?


In actuality, your router housing a virus itself is quite rare, and has only been known to happen on a few occasions.  The most notable malware in this situation would be the trojan called the DNSChanger.  This malware attacked weak and easy router passwords, making it simple to manipulate and redirect browsing activity.  It would lead users to unsolicited and illegal websites, which would infect the computer with ransomware, spyware, and so on.  Because the trojan was small, only about 1.5KB, it was almost undetectable.  Luckily, though, malware like this isn’t common.


How Does Malware Spread Through a Business?


Malware doesn’t need a poor password in order to infect computers all across your building, and even your network.  In many cases, the work is done through simple messaging and file sharing.  These data packets can be transferred many ways, including email, instant messaging, and even texting.  An infected file opened by a recipient could cause their computer to be infected.  If it’s a business-wide email, or it spreads quickly across the business network, you could be facing a disaster.


How to Prevent Malware


The best method to help protect your business network from malware is to invest in some IT security.  Downloadable antiviruses are wonderful, but a professional IT security procedure will ensure that your business is safe from all sorts of nasty cybersecurity nightmares.  With proper backup solutions, firewalls, and robust antiviruses, you’re sure to have a perfectly safe business network.


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