How to Prepare Your Business Network for VoIP


You might need to do some work on your business network before you are able to proceed with a VoIP phone system installation.

VoIP phone systems are a great way to transform the way that you do business. They provide low cost, extreme convenience, and fantastic call quality when compared to traditional landline systems. However, you might need to do some work on your business network before you are able to proceed with installation. How can you prepare your business network for VoIP phone systems?

How Many People Use Your Network?

Depending on the number of users that your system has, you may need to adjust the type of business network service that you have. The more users that you have, the more VoIP equipment you will need to buy, the more network space you will need to have available, and the more bandwidth or business network services you will need.

Are You Growing?

Whenever you upgrade your business network, it’s important to think of the future. Are you planning on growing over the course of the next few years? It’s better to adjust your business network for a bigger user quantity now, instead of going through the same process in six months when you add 25 new users. Think of the number of users that you have now and the number of employees you plan to have in a year. If you are a small business planning on staying small, only consider 1-2 more users. However, if you are a growing start-up that is adding 20 new employees a quarter, you’ll need 80 more user spaces in a year!

How Many Ports Per User Do You Need?

The number of switch ports you have on your business network will have an effect on which types of VoIP phone systems you can purchase. If you have one port per user, your VoIP phones will need to have an internal switch. If you have two or more ports available per user, you will have more options available and an easier installation process. Two ports per user also ensures greater reliability.

VoIP Systems from SOS Technology Group

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