Why Data Archival is so Critical

data archiving

With the constantly shifting technological landscape, it can be hard to keep your business on the cutting edge.

If you are wondering what data archiving is, what it entails, and what it means for your business, SOS technology group can help you learn all of its ins and outs. With the constantly shifting technological landscape, it can be hard to keep your business on the cutting edge, and to be sure that you are using all of the computers, systems, gadgets, and technological options and advancements out there to your business’s best advantage. To learn more about data archiving, read on.


What Is Data Archiving?



Data archiving is the process of moving data that is no longer being actively used, but you do not wish to let go of entirely or still may need, to a separate storage device for long-term retention. Archive data is comprised of older data that is still important to the organization and may be needed for any number of reasons. Some of this data is even necessary to retain for the purpose of regulatory compliance. Data archives are indexed and have search abilities, which makes it easy to locate and retrieve certain files when you need them without them bogging down your system.



The Benefits of Data Archiving



The biggest benefit of archiving data is that it lowers the overall costs associated with primary storage. This type of storage is generally very expensive due to the fact that a storage array has to produce a sufficient level of IOPS to comply with operational requirements for user read/write activity. Data archiving relies on low-performance and high-capacity storage mediums so it is cheaper and reduces not only costs, but the volume of data which must be backed up.



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