4 Tips For Placing Security Cameras

4 Tips For Placing Security Cameras

Get the most out of security cameras by following these tips.

When installing security cameras, it is important to be strategic. There are many aspects that you will want to consider when it comes the surveillance of your property. With that said, here are a few valuable tips for placing security cameras.

Put Them High Up

It is in your best interest to put the security cameras as high as possible. This is for a couple of reasons. For one, intruders can easily tamper with security cameras if they are easily within reach. Unfortunately, this happens all too often. The other major reason to have them high up is because your cameras will be able to obtain a wider view.

Entrances and Hidden Spots

This one may be a tad obvious but needs to be mentioned. It is in your best interest to put your security cameras at the entrance points of your property. If you have one at the front door, you will be able to see who is coming in and out and who is trying to enter without authorized permission. If you don’t have several cameras at your disposal, you don’t want to waste one in an area where there aren’t reasons for concern. On top of that, you should also take some time to survey your property and look for hidden locations that could potentially pose risk.

Cover The Most Amount Of Area Possible

If you can afford to have several security cameras on your property, your primary goal should be to cover as much area as possible. It would be a shame if your security cameras missed something because they were not placed correctly.

Use Different Types Of Cameras

A clever trick that will add a layer of security to your property is to have both visible and hidden cameras on your premise. By doing so, you may be able to trick intruders. If they see you have visible security cameras, they will likely only be concerned about those. As they stay out of sight of your visible surveillance cameras, you may be able to catch them on one of your hidden ones.

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