Why is VoIP Taking the Tech World by Storm?


What exactly is VoIP (or voice over internet protocol) and why are so many businesses switching over to it?

VoIP is one of the latest buzzwords that is taking the technology world by storm. Whether or not you know what it is, we are sure that you have heard it, seen an advertisement for a product using it, or wondered what all the fuss is about. What exactly is VoIP (or voice over internet protocol) and why are so many businesses switching over to it?

Why is VoIP So Popular?

VoIP allows your business to call any other number in the world over your Internet connection. This technology doesn’t need phone lines or an additional bill to work. VoIP typically costs whatever the local rates for calling are on top of the cost of the Internet connection. If you are struggling under the weight of high long distance call costs, VoIP can completely transform the way that you do business.

Major Benefits

VoIP offers business users many different benefits, including:

  • No landline is needed, so you will never need to worry about whether the office space you are moving into has enough phone connections or paying the phone company for service
  • Free long distance calls, since the Internet is used to connect to any phone in the world. Long distance charges, if your VoIP company does ask for them, are typically much lower than they would be from a phone line.
  • You can use your VoIP line from any location that has Wi-Fi, whether you are staying at a hotel on a business trip or sitting at home working on the weekend. Your employees can stay connected wherever there is internet.
  • Integrated additional features that mimic traditional landline features, like headsets, call holding, call forwarding, voicemail, three-way calling, and more.
  • The ability to easily connect with anyone in the world with the simple, inexpensive, dialing of a number on your VoIP device

VoIP Technology from SOS Technology Group

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